The Ugly Side of Surigao del Norte

by R. Luis Flores

This is a Google Maps satellite image of an area that constitutes the Municipality of Claver in Surigao del Norte.  I was able to observe this from a distance last September 22-24.  The large area appears to have a striking reddish hue because the entire coastal mountain range is DENUDED of its forest cover.  Claver supposedly has the largest iron mineral deposit in the world, and one can surmise that this denudation of the mountains is partly due to the mining activities that have gone on in the past years.

However, (and I do admit that I have limited knowledge on this matter), I could not grasp the idea of a mining operation that is so large a scale as to cover an entire mountain range.  What makes it more suspicious is that there were numerous cargo vessels anchored off the shore of Claver.  What is it that they could be taking from Claver that would necessitate such large and numerous vessels?  And where are they taking them?

Then I came across this video on YouTube uploaded by taureanfate: READ MORE


*This is a repost from the blog, Copyrights are due to the owners.



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